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We just love everything about lifetime deals and wanted to chat with the world about the things we love, we just happen to do great reviews which are dynamic and with a different prospective. How are they dynamic, well they are never finished and always being updated with new comments from us and the creators when they like us enough that is ?. 
Creators have a voice here and a chance to dispel anything we say, provide some cool information with an area especially for them on each page to discuss the features and where available a live twitter feed so you can keep updated.

We like to make things fun and interesting without changing the format to much, so expect to see some different styles in content and some interesting images as you look around the site. The above image is our way of reviewing one of our first products under review, Pictofigo and offering a quick way of seeing our overall outlook on the product your look at buying.

We are new and developing every day, sometimes you will see changes and sometimes not, coffee is important, if you don't like something love something or you would like to take part in this project, have a love for writing about new and interesting subjects in the aim to help others then we would be highly interested in talking with you. 

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Lifetime deals in the software as a service have been in the market for some time now with the offer of great value mainly early adaptors and long term users, there is some really great options out there and then some that's not so great, we look a little deeper to find out what is really behind that deal of a lifetime which is running out in just a few days.

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