In a sea of images comesPictofigo Hand DrawnDifference

Key points

Making pictures that speak more than words
Designing graphics using freehand drawing
Providing unlimited freehand drawing


Pictofigo is a conceptual freehand drawing tool that enables you to draw high-quality custom images. It aims to cater to not just any kind of drawing, but the freehand style. The developers had the concept of expression on the web in mind when they developed this resource. While freehand drawing is normal, it is not very popular on the web.


With an office in Ch. des Noyers 15, CH-1860, Aigle, Switzerland Switzerland, Pictofigo has a website with thousands and thousands of high-quality free stock images to choose from. The core aims of Pictofigo to create a very unique search engine

Further Detail

With Pictofigo, you have a wide selection of templates to choose from: from animals to electronics, sports, stationery, birds, vehicles, food flags, fruits, fashion, medical, and so much more. There are so many stock images and layouts that can take your breath away at a single glance. If you need customised drawings and you couldn't be bothered to, or don't have the time to do it yourself, you have the option of contacting the Pictofigo team, and they'll generate it for you. 
Pictofigo is effortless to use. If you want to make a freehand drawing, follow these steps:
1. Select the drawing from the Pictofigo gallery and double click the image to open the editor window.
2. Select fill and color and choose any of the options to make the image come to life. You have the option of filling in a new color too.
3. Fill in as many colors in as many areas as you want.
4. Change the background color to make your image more creative. 
5. For a more graphic and detailed walk through, visit this page:


Pricing for Pictofigo is simple with only three options:
  1. Basic(free plan)
  2. plus (annual plan)
  3. Enterprise for unlimited use with the option to commission works by the Pictofigo team of hand drawing artists.

What We Like About Pictofigo

Pictofigo is very easy to use and works very fast. It saves your progress so that even when the internet connection is slow, it does not lag and you can continue from where you stopped. Pictofigo has even made DSMenu, a great digital menu board design app. The developers are awesome and always happy to help. 

What we don't like about Pictofigo

When it comes to dislikes it's not for the idea or project, more like the small things which we expect to see get retified in the coming months. 
The editing isn't difficult with only a few controls which for some maybe limited, what some may see as limits other could see as benefits. As the site is in the early stages we can't expect to much, so expect to see for a color picker which looks like it comes from the old windows paint program.


I recommend it for anyone who is looking for originality, innovation, fresh concepts and drawings you can use everywhere.


The results of Pictofigo are always efficient and insightful with graphics that stand out from the competition. You can personalize and customize in simple ways (at the moment), making the results personnal and different each time you use it!


A few words from the Creators of Pictofigo
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