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Cloud-based address book and contacts manager are a thing now. While many different smartphones provide us with their in-house contact managers, Covve is here to revolutionize the standard. It flawlessly and carefully manages your contacts and everything related to them in an innovative way. When you experience it you cannot even fathom to use another one in the coming centuries. What's more is that its AI-powered and cloud-based SAAS application. Down below we will discuss everything related to this same application:


Covve developers are part of the company that goes by the same name. Yiannis Gavrielides is the CEO and co-founder of the company who heads a talented pool of different individuals. Most of these individuals are experts in the field of software, user interfaces, and quality assurance.

Further Detail

It is an Artificial Intelligence powered address book assistant that does its work very well and immaculately. Features are tremendous and entirely innovative. It is cloud-based and is excellent for individuals who are most of the time very busy. Here are some of the features:

• It scans news related to your contacts and reminds you to stay in touch with them

• Records notes about each call to get more information

• Can send a business card at the touch of a button

• It combines new and innovative technology to find more information on your contacts,

• Stays up to date by continuously monitoring the changes that relate to your contacts.

• Can scan business cards to make a new contact.

• Allows the user to search, filter and visualize the contact no matter wherever the user is heading towards.

• Keeps your data private and safe

• Guides you into a making a trusted network of professionals who can provide you with introductions and referrals.

• Personal CRM

• Maps for filtering regions and industries

• Shared address book



Standard Pricing Tiers

Pricing for Covve comes in two flavours:

  1. Covve Free
  2. Covve Pro 
Covve Pro Pricing

What We Like About Covve

Covve is a great way to take advantage of your professional contacts and is an excellent tool for business development. The maps and filters allow to find certain regions and industries. It can provide a good system of shared address book for all of the members of an organization that may be using it. Helps with engaging the colleagues in realizing certain opportunities. It has a clean design and a powerful user interface.

What we don't like about Covve

The core benefits it can provide, however at this early juncture it's very hard to see which platform is going to be the dominant force in the market. A testament to this is the lack of import functions for sharing, all imports start out in the shared mode.

The only problem that seems to adhere to this specific application is that sometimes it lags too much on an Android smartphone, this wasn't experienced on IOS. Not sure if this is a one time issue, but something about this should be done considering the time that it's been on the market if not. 


It is kind of a perfect application for the job it is required to do, which is managing your contacts but nothing is flawless. The only problem that seems to adhere to this specific application is that sometimes it lags too much on an Android smartphone. So something about this should be done.


As mentioned before, Covve is a great way of analyzing, managing and optimizing your contacts. It can professionally and in business terms increase your or your organization's efficiency. The developers probably spend a great deal of time and money to create this address book so it can excel in what it does best. And it can do its job, at times flawlessly or at the very least efficient.


A few words from the Creators of Covve
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